The Magic Collector by Clayton Wood
British Man & American Girl
A mid 30's man, wounded in battle, begins training a young girl to face the realities of a new world.
ACCENT: British & American
GENRE: YA Fantasy

Time Change by Elyse Douglas
Romantic Dialogue
Mid 30's man and woman share a Harlequin moment in the bedroom in this Time Travel romance.
ACCENT: American
GENRE: Romance

Short Horror Stories Vol. 22 by Scare Street
Building Suspense in Horror
A boy. A demented mother. A corpse in the attic. Bringing the listener towards a harrowing conclusion.
GENRE: Horror

The Bank by Bentley Little
Ebullient Dialogue
Bank manager informs his young employee the deal is a go at the expense of another. Versatile dialogue.
ACCENT: Midwestern
GENRE: Horror

Hades Star by Doug Wallace
Gritty & Sarcastic Lead Character
Setting the tone of the leading man in SciFi. Hard-edged voice but with a sense of irreverent humor.

Three Corner Rustlers by K. Hamilton
Gentle Empathetic Dialogue
A small town sheriff caringly talks to an old friend living in his car after being evicted.
ACCENT: Southern
GENRE: Modern Western

The Magic Redeemer By Clayton Wood
Many Accents
An African accented artist steals the scene. British and other versatile accents featured as well.
ACCENT: African
GENRE: YA Fantasy

Bandit Country by Andrew Turpin
Irish Republican Army is Back
An aging Irishman and his sharpshooter son assess their chances of a successful assasination.
GENRE: Thriller

The Norse Directive by Ernest Dempsey
Billionaire Bad Guy
Creepy French billionaire threatening an imprisoned woman as only a creepy French billionaire can.
ACCENT: French
GENRE: Thriller