John Pirhalla - Narrator

Voice Performance

Audiobooks that demand performance and multiple voices are my strength. The genres of SciFi, Fantasy, Romance and Fiction are the books I do best. My range of accents and characterizations is quite diverse as my audiobooks will attest. I've done every American accent, an Irish-American priest, a reptilian humanoid, a young German boy, a Czech slave, a jeep full of drunken Germans, countless demons, one wonderful demon slayer, every mythical creature one can imagine, Woodie Guthrie and a group of protestors singing... I could go on forever.

    Voices & Accents
    • Male and Female American in all accents and ages
    • Scottish
    • Irish
    • English
    • German
    • Russian
    • Arabic
    • Alien voices - all intergalactic accents

Studio & Gear

My studio is set on the banks of the Copahee Sound in Charleston, SC. It's open 24/7 and puts out a high quality production. Although I am always available to record on location, most of my recording is done in my home studio. It's all about room-tone, quality gear and a good voice.

    Gear & Recording Environment
    • Sound Booth - Key to professional room tone underlaying the entire audio
    • Mic - Rode NT1-A condenser mic
    • DAW - Adobe Audition with secret plug ins
    • Audio Interface - Lexicon Lamda.

      These 4 ingredients in audiobook production are critical to a professional quality recording.


Scottish & Multiple American Accents

SciFi - A team of specialists debating world defense methods in very versatile voices.

Multiple American Accents

Flash Fiction - Sailors wander into a Skid Row bar where Woodie Guthrie is singing.

Southwestern Accent

Fiction Western - A middle aged deputy helps an old man move on from a tragedy.

European Accent

Historical Fantasy - A young boy and an old man walking into the woods on a cold, dark night.

American & European Accents

Romance Fantasy - Young Adult - A prince, a stable boy and a lady's maid help a princess.

Hard Edged Male American Accent

SciFi - A loner voice of a young man who hunts zombies for the government.

Southern & Northeastern Accents

Horror - A local informs the new home owner that his house is haunted.

Middle Eastern Accent

Thriller - 3 characters plot to hide an iconic biblical relic in 598 BC.

Western Accents

Western Fantasy - A boy and adults working in a saloon.