John Pirhalla - Narrator

Voice Performance

I am an experienced narrator. Audiobooks that demand performance and multiple voices are my strength. The genres of SciFi, Fantasy, Romance and Fiction are the books I do best. My range of accents and characterizations is quite diverse as my audiobooks will attest. I've done every American accent, an Irish-American priest, a reptilian humanoid, a young German boy, a Czech slave, a jeep full of drunken Germans, countless demons, one wonderful demon slayer, every mythical creature one can imagine, Woodie Guthrie and a group of protestors singing... I could go on forever.

    Voices & Accents
    • Male and Female American in all dialects and ages
    • Irish
    • English
    • French
    • Russian
    • Arabic
    • German
    • Eastern European
    • Alien voices - all intergalactic accents

Studio & Gear

My studio is set on the banks of the Copahee Sound in Charleston, SC. It's open 24/7 and puts out a professional quality production. Although I am available to record on location, most of my recording is done in my studio. My professional quality productions are as good as it gets. No clicks. No mouth noise. Perfect room tone. And a great deal of care in interpreting the writer's intent.

    Gear & Recording Environment
    • WhisperRoom Studio
    • Mic - CAD Equitek E100s Large Diaphram Condenser
    • PreAmp - DBX 286s
    • Interface - Focusrite 2i4
    • DAW - Adobe Audition
    • Voice - wide ranging vocal chord and performance ensemble passed down from my parents genes and decades of performing books


3 Female Voices - 2 Human & 1 Computer

3 different female voices. Ship Captain discussing next strategy with her 1st, Claire (slight Irish) and ship computer(elegant feminine voice).

Space Battle from the Helm

5 different voices and accents. A Captain and his International crew communicating during an battle action sequence.

Chaos by Pippa DaCosta

An earth bound demon re-enters Hell and converses with the demon lords that rule the underworld.

Southern Accent

Fiction Western - A middle aged deputy helps an old man move on from a tragedy.

Multiple American Accents

Flash Fiction - Sailors wander into a Skid Row bar where Woodie Guthrie is singing.

Trespassers - 2 Sophisticated Aliens

SciFi - 2 aliens - British style accents sophisticated and slight Connery Scottish with General American narration.

European Accent

Historical Fantasy - A young boy and an old man walking into the woods on a cold, dark night.

American & English Accents

Romance Fantasy - Young Adult - A prince, a stable boy and a lady's maid help a princess.

Hard Edged Male American Accent

SciFi - A loner voice of a young man who hunts zombies for the government.

Southern & Northeastern Accents

Horror - A local informs the new home owner that his house is haunted.

Middle Eastern Accent

Thriller - 3 characters plot to hide an iconic biblical relic in 598 BC.

Western Accents

Western Fantasy - A boy and adults working in a saloon.